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Anti-Racist Action: A History & Discussion

Posted by dmitch on April 21, 2008

Join us at The North Star Center for the second month of our Remembering & Reclaiming (R&R) Radical History Series. This Month will be a history and discussion of Anti-Racist Action, an international movement of people dedicated to stopping racism, sexism, homophobia. ARA originally came out of the efforts of Minneapolis anti-racist Skinheads to create an organization that could combat the presence of nazi skinheads in that city and its neighboring city, St. Paul. The Baldies, a multi-racial skinhead crew having members of Black, White, Asian, and Native American origins, was fighting the Nazi skinhead group, the White Knights in their city and were the forerunner to ARA chapters that sprung up all over the country (Including East Lansing). Former ARA members will give a brief history of ARA and facilitate a discussion about anti-racist organizing today.


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