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¡Ya Basta! A No Borders Camp Report-Back

Posted by thenorthstar on December 19, 2007

January 9th


In early November, A No Borders Camp took place in Calexico, California and Mexicali, Mexico. Anarchists and Ant-Authoritarians from the U. S. and Mexico converged on the border to call for freedom of movement for human beings and an end to the criminalization of migrants. Camp participants held a temporary autonomous zone on both sides of the border for 5 days, exchanging ideas and dreams in the low intensity war zone separating north from south.

Join us for a reportback from the No Borders Camp, presented by Elliott of the New York Metro Allianc of Anarchists (NYMAA) and the New York Anarchist People of Color Network (APOC). Iconic photos, riveting stories and a Q & A to follow. Orginally from Mid-Michigan, Elliot now hails from New York City.

Download Flyer HERE

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