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Injustice In Benton Harbor – Reverend Pinkney Speaks!

Posted by thenorthstar on November 2, 2007

November 14th
The NorthStar Center
Lansing, Michigan

In Benton Harbor, Michigan, residents have been fighting the corporate takeover of Jean Klock Beach, the only public beach in Benton Harbor. They have also been fighting corrupt city officials and won a recall vote of a city commissioner. This victory was spearheaded by Black Autonomy Network Community Organization (BANCO). Then, in an attempt to deny the peoples will, a local judge overturned the vote. In a further outrage, community activist Reverend Edward Pinkney of BANCO was arrested on trumped-up charges of alleged voter fraud. In the first trial, there was a hung jury. Pinkney was retried and even though several witnesses were paid to falsely testify against him, he was found guilty. While he waits on an appeal, Rev. Pinkney is currently under house arrest. On November 14th, Reverend Edward Pinkney will join us to talk about his case, the struggle for Jean Klock Park and the people of Benton Harbor’s fight for community control.

NorthStar Center – 106 Lathrop St. Lansing, MI 48912 – 517.371.2001

BANCO – NorthStar –

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